I want a custom for my child   👉DEPOSIT👈

I want a custom for my child 👉DEPOSIT👈

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By ordering a custom you understand that customs come after drops. If you order near a holiday and I am rushing to get the holiday out on time, your custom will be put in line after the holiday drop as long as it does not go over the 8 week tat.

Customs have a tat (turn around time) of 3- 8 weeks. 

We have a new printer who gets our prints out within a week or two. I do not at all intend reaching 8 weeks but I want to allow myself grace as I am a one woman shop and life happens. At this time, our current tat is 4 weeks. This is about where I see you shipping out.



You will pay the deposit of $20 ($30 for adults) at the time of your order. Once your order is complete you will pay the balance whatever it may be. The balance will be paid through paypal and not through the website. I will discuss your order and balance due before I start your order so that everyone knows what to expect. 

👉👉If for any reason your order is complete and you do not pay your balance,  you will then lose your deposit no questions asked and I will then attempt to sell your item to someone else. You will not be credited anything back. 

👉👉If I am outside of my tat, your balance will be waived and you will only be responsible for the deposit and shipping you have paid!

Discounts are not allowed on customs as ordering a specific print for 1 person does cost me more. 

If we don't come to an agreement for your custom and a refund is issued, you will be issued a refund minus $6 to cover initial website fees along with website refund fees.


Once an order is placed here, you will then email me at pamperedbydegregory@yahoo.com so we can then discuss your order.